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“Our goal is to empower you to believe in yourself and to see that you are deserving of life-long health,
so you can live healthy and happy for life!”

Tips on how to live healthy and happy…

move your body every day,  eat healthy foods,  get enough rest,  meditate,  spend time in nature…

But more importantly…

manage and reduce stress,   believe in yourself,   see that you are deserving!   love yourself as you are,   do things you love!


live your life in balance (rather in perfection),   empower yourself (rather taking prescriptions)



Welcome to Breathe and Be Wellness and the Healthy and Happy for Life!  healthy lifestyle program.  A science-based healthy lifestyle program that works!  I developed Healthy and Happy for Life!  after 25+ years working in health and wellness, encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle. I continue to work toward helping people to become healthy and happy naturally as I continue to see pharmacies pop up on every corner. And I see people getting medications, not for short-term illnesses, but so that they can simply function on a daily basis. This isn’t LIVING, it’s merely surviving. And I believe that everyone deserves to truly LIVE and THRIVE and be healthy and happy for life!

What I learned working in health and wellness for 25+ years is this…

We all know that we need to eat healthy foods and move our Breathe and Be Wellnessbodies. But we simply don’t. I learned that people will only treat their bodies well AFTER they first learn to:

  • Reduce and manage stress
  • Talk positively to themselves
  • Believe in themselves
  • Follow their dreams
  • Laugh often with friends
  • See themselves as deserving of all life has to offer
  • Love themselves!
  • Live in balance

Healthy and Happy for Life!  focuses on teaching you to believe in yourself, to build your self-esteem, and to reduce and manage stress, so that you can then improve your physical health with ease using science-based and proven techniques. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to become physically healthier once you learn to manage stress, believe in yourself, and see that you truly are deserving of health and happiness!

Are you ready to believe in yourself so that you can be healthier for life?

The Healthy and Happy for Life!  healthy lifestyle program is:

  • Holistic (will help you to be healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally)
  • Science-based (I was trained by some of the best health researchers and specialists at Stanford University and UC San Francisco and have incorporated many of the science-based practiced I learned there)
  • Aimed to empower you to be healthier (no rules and restrictions)
  • Emphasizes balance in life and balance in health (rather than striving for perfection)

Through the Healthy and Happy for Life! program:
You will  learn to live a balanced and sustainable healthy and happy lifestyle without guilt.
You will  learn to prevent and treat symptoms of disease.
You will  learn to cope with stress and be mentally and emotionally healthy.
You will  learn to face your fears (gently) so that you can follow your dreams.
You will  learn to believe in yourself!
You will  feel better, live healthier and happy, and thrive!
Are you ready to live Healthy and Happy for Life?

How much is illness or an unhealthy lifestyle costing you?
What is a healthy, happy, and energetic life worth to you?

Get started on your journey to life-long health right now!

NEW AND REVISED! The “Healthy and Happy for Life!” healthy lifestyle program is available as a workbook that is simple and easy to read. The skills learned in this book will help you to make permanent healthy changes in your life. This workbook uses known goal setting skills and behavior change skills to help you to improve your physical health. It also uses skills and exercises to help improve the health of your mind, emotions, and spirit. This holistic health and wellness workbook will help you to make permanent and healthy changes so that you can be healthy in your body, live more relaxed and stress-free, believe in yourself, love yourself, and live in peace. Each of these helps you to live healthy and happy for life.

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At Breathe and Be Wellness, improving your health begins with the breath.
So simply Breathe and Be (healthy and happy)! I look forward to being your health coach!

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