8 ways to stop the yoyo effect


8 Ways to stop the yoyo effect

8 ways to stop the yoyo effect

Are you tired of losing weight just to have the weight come back on? Are you ready to stop the yoyo effect of “dieting” and reach your health goals more permanently?

First… Why do we yoyo back and forth between losing and gaining weight? As a healthy lifestyle coach, the number one reason is not including a holistic approach to your weight loss goals. By only focusing on your physical health (losing weight, eating healthy, exercising), you are excluding the health of your mind, emotions, and spirit.

To make your weight loss and health goals PERMANENT, you need a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle that is POSITIVE, BALANCED, and SUSTAINABLE, rather than focusing on diets that include temporary and negative restrictions.

The Breathe and Be Wellness Healthy and Happy for Life! healthy lifestyle program will empower you with skills so that you can be healthier permanently, sustainably, and with joy! No more restrictions. No more yoyo effects.

Here are 8 ways to stop the yoyo effect… (that you will learn as part of the Healthy and Happy for Life! program)

  1. Do physical activity that you ENJOY! Forget doing activities that you feel you “should”. If you do activities that you love, you will continue to do them for life.
  2. Eat a balance of healthy and tasty food. Also, include foods that you love even if they are not considered healthy. It’s all about balance and moderation. If you cut foods out that you love completely, you are more likely to want to binge on them when you get stressed. So include them in your regular diet. Simply cut back on how much and how often you eat them.
  3. Set small and realistic goals. While it is human nature to “want it all” and to “want it NOW”, it is important to set smaller and more realistic goals that will lead you in a steady pace toward your ultimate goal. By setting smaller and realistic goals, your goals are less likely to overwhelm you and create stress in your life. This way, you are more likely to make these healthy lifestyle goals permanent.
  4. Learn to cope with stress. Stress is simply change in life. It can be good moments (getting married, having a baby, buying a home, retiring) as well as negative moments. These changing moments are a continuous part of life. So, learning to cope with stress is a vital part of our health and well-being. By learning to cope with stress in a healthy way, you will be less likely to turn to unhealthy behaviors when stress happens. This is critical to stopping the yoyo effect!
  5. Learn to talk to yourself positively. We have the tendency to talk to ourselves worse than anyone else in our lives. If our friends talked to us the way we do, we probably wouldn’t be friends with them any longer. Learning to talk to yourself positively is important to permanent healthy lifestyles.
  6. Learn to love yourself as you are. Along with talking positive to yourself, it is important to love yourself, as you are right now, regardless of losing weight or not. Your love is not a condition of succeeding in your weight loss or healthy lifestyle goals. Rather, your weight loss is a result of your self love! You will only treat yourself in a healthy way when you love yourself enough to treat yourself in a healthy manner.
  7. Pay it forward. It has been scientifically proven that doing kind things for others will improve YOUR health. So, truly, health is full circle. You need to take care of yourself and your own health so that you can help others. And at the same time, helping others will help you to feel good about yourself and help you to be healthier.
  8. Spend time in nature and time being quiet. This is especially important in today’s world. We are constantly “tuned in” with our smart phones and computers. It is important to your health to spend time away from external stimuli as well as internal thoughts. It is also helpful for our health to spend time in nature.

There you have it… 8 ways to stop the yoyo effect. These skills, and many more, are all taught to you in the Healthy and Happy for Life! healthy lifestyle program.

Are you ready to start this program today? Just click the button below to start on your path to life-long health. I look forward to being your healthy lifestyle coach!

Breathe & Be (healthy)!  Kristin

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