Add balance in your life

Adding balance in your life…

Adding balance in your life

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I notice a lot of friends, family, and random people I meet who simply do not allow for balance in their life. So this post is all about adding balance in your life.

Lack of balance sometimes feels like a necessity. For instance, needing to work three jobs and then go home to take care of kids, rather than taking time for yourself.

But life is, indeed, a choice and we can all use balance in our lives. Living on an unbalanced “teeter totter” of life can create unhappiness, anxiety, depression, an unhealthy body, and disease.

This is your one life as YOU. Do you want to live it in health, in happiness, and in balance? Yup, I thought so.

Here are a few tips on creating balance in your life

  • Balance work and play. If all you do is work, make some time (even 5 minutes to have fun). Do anything you enjoy. A walk with a friend, play with your kids, a swim at a pool or ocean, read a book, listen to music, paint. If all you do is play because you are retired or simply do not need to work, good for you! But do you feel like you have some energy to give to a worthy non-profit group you believe in? Not only will you be helping a group in need, but your good deeds will help you to improve your health and wellbeing.
  • Balance the foods you eat. While we want to eat healthy so we can live a long and disease-free life, we also want to include foods we love. Maybe in smaller amounts, but include them all the same. Similarly, if all you do is eat unhealthy foods that you love, you may not have as much energy as you would like, may be overweight, and may not have the best health, in many ways. Eating a balance of mostly healthy foods, with a few unhealthy snacks that we love helps to create a healthy and balanced life.
  • Balance quiet time and energetic time. Both are important to good health and a happy life. While physical activity is good for you, so is time in quiet reflection. Time in quiet can be that magical time where the universe gives us important information we desire.
  • Balance doing for others and doing for yourself. Many of us constantly give to others. That is awesome! But this is not sustainable if you don’t also take care of yourself and immerse yourself in self-love. Similarly, some people only think about themselves. These people may find more balance and happiness in their life by also giving back to individuals or groups who are in need.

These examples are simply a few ways of bringing balance into your life. The list is endless.

In what ways can you bring balance into your life?

I’d love to hear your ideas!

Have a beautiful week and remember to…

Breathe & Be (healthy, happy, and balanced)!  Kristin

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