Health Consultation Services

How much is illness or an unhealthy lifestyle costing you?
What is a healthy, happy, and energetic life worth to you?

Here at Breathe and Be Wellness, we believe that skills for life-long health should be available to everyone. So we have many options for you to take part in the Healthy and Happy for Life! healthy lifestyle program, depending on your goals and how much you want to invest into your health. The following are the types of health consultant services we offer.

Customized Personal health consultant services via Skype (worldwide), phone, or in person (on Maui).
This option is great if you want to customize the Healthy and Happy for Life! program to you and want your sessions completely private.
In these sessions, we will focus on your specific situation and goals. In addition to health goals, we can focus on your life, career, relationship, and happiness goals! These customized health consultant sessions are sure to help improve your holistic health, energy, quality of life, and perspectives on life.
* These customized sessions are also great for couples and families!
** Also great for athletes who want to improve their peak performance with breathing, visualization, and positive self-talk skills.


Each session ~ $70.- (1-hour session)

5-pack of sessions ~ $325.- ($25 savings)*

10-pack of sessions ~ $600.- ($100 savings)*

*Plus! You get a FREE copy of the “Healthy and Happy for Life” workbook and email support with 5 or 10 packs sessions.




Wellness Walks in nature (small groups)
Currently, only offered on Maui.

40D__MG_2922adjA great opportunity to get your exercise AND set your affirmations, quiet your mind, and connect with nature. We will also practice some breathing skills and do exercises aimed to improve your holistic health (in body, mind, attitude, heart, and spirit). These “Walk and Talk” sessions are like an espresso shot of wellness! They will help improve your health, increase energy, improve your perspectives on life, and increase happiness in a short dose of wellness and happiness.

Locations are either on the beach or in the beautiful North Shore forest on Maui, depending on the weather.

$20.- per person for 2 hours (small groups). Individual one-on-one sessions also available. *Contact us for prices for one-on-one sessions.


Healthy and Happy for Life! workshops
This is a more affordable option to take part in the Healthy and Happy for Life! program, while at the same time, receiving strong social support and make good friends with positive like-minded people. In these sessions, we will work on fundamentals and skills of holistic health and wellness. Group sessions offered on Skype (worldwide), phone, or in person.
If you have a group that is interested in other locations, please email me with details and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. Minimum six people.

contact1Group workshops aim to empower you on your way toward improving your health, energy, self-talk, emotions, quality of life, and happiness.

Great for groups of friends or co-workers.

Each workshop series includes twelve 1 1/2-hour sessions, email support,
and a FREE copy of the “Healthy and Happy for Life” workbook.

Each series is $300.- per person (six to ten people per workshop).
*Lower rates available for larger groups.
*Three day (all day) retreat options are also available. Email for details


Coming soon – Online workshops with email support. You can take the Healthy and Happy for Life! workshop in the comfort of your own home and email me your questions. I’ll keep you all posted when this exciting online course is live!


Healthy and Happy Kids! workshops (for parents, teachers, and caregivers)
Currently, workshops are offered on Maui.

kidsLearn easy tips to holistically improve the health of your kids. Learn coping skills so your kids can learn to positively deal with stress, frustrations, and emotions. Help your kids to feel happy and to love themselves.

Each workshop series includes three 1 1/2-hour sessions, email support,
and a FREE copy of the “Healthy and Happy Kids” workbook.

Each workshop is $100.- per person (six person minimum).





Healthy communities planning and evaluation service

40D__MG_4628adjThe “Healthy and Happy for Life” healthy lifestyle program can also be applied to communities! These are customized sessions where, together, we assess your community’s needs and strategize achievable programs to help make your community healthier. This service also includes an evaluation plan of the programs initiated.

Email for details





Do you prefer to work at your own pace and on your own?

Here are a few ways you can take part in the Breathe & Be Wellness “Healthy and Happy for Life” healthy lifestyle program in the comfort of your own home.

NEW AND REVISED! The “Healthy and Happy for Life!” healthy lifestyle program is available as a workbook that is simple and easy to read. The skills learned in this book will help you to make permanent healthy changes in your life. This workbook uses known goal setting skills and behavior change skills to help you to improve your physical health. It also uses skills and exercises to help improve the health of your mind, emotions, and spirit. This holistic health and wellness workbook will help you to make permanent and healthy changes so that you can be healthy in your body, live more relaxed and stress-free, love yourself, and live in peace. Each of these helps you to live healthy and happy for life.

You can purchase it on Amazon with the button below! What are you waiting for?
Print version $25.95!
Also available on Kindle $9.99 and Kindle Unlimited for FREE!

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BookCoverImage“Healthy and Happy Kids” workbook: A holistic wellness workbook for parents, teachers, and guardians, so they can help their kids grow healthy and be happy.
Available at Amazon and several other sources.

This workbook is a simplified version of the “Healthy and Happy for Life” health program, but specific for kids.

Here is a link to purchase through Create Space:

Print version $14.95!


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