Healthy and Happy for Life

Healthy and Happy for Life

healthy and happy for life

Why should you try the Healthy and Happy for Life program? Because our goal, at Breathe & Be Wellness and the Healthy and Happy for Life! program, is to empower you to become the healthiest YOU possible.

This doesn’t mean becoming perfect, but simply being able to move through life comfortably…
… without pain…
… with minimal stress
… believing in yourself
… knowing that you are deserving of all life has to offer!

So you can enjoy the things in life that you want to enjoy. Sound good?

So… what is holistic health and why is it important to you?

Holistic health focuses on the health of your entire “being”.

The body:

First, we include skills to help improve the health of your body, as a healthy body is important so you can “move” through life. We start with some realistic and easy to achieve goal setting. Then we include proven skills that will help you to improve the health of your body at all levels. Holistic health does not focus on “fitness”, although you can choose to make this one of your goals.

As we also want to move through life HAPPY and “full of excitement, love, and hope,” holistic health also includes skills to improve the health of our mind, heart, and spirit.

The mind:

Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, and our actions become our habits…
So learning to talk positively to ourselves is very important to improving the health of our body.

The breath is also vital to our health, in many ways! It nourishes our brain and every cell in our body. And… it helps us to reduce stress. In my 25+ years of experience in health and wellness, I have found that MANY people can use help with learning proper breathing skills AND re-learning how to talk to themselves positively and believing in themselves.

In holistic health and the skills taught at Breathe & Be Wellness, we also learn to choose how we want to “color” the world… The world around us is actually neutral. It is up to us to choose whether we color it as negative or positive. The skills taught here also include ways to be grateful and see all of the blessings in your life.

The heart:

We can only love, and take care of, others if we first love ourselves. Yet many people have a hard time saying that they love themselves. Loving yourself is not selfish. It is essential! We help you with skills to fall in love with yourself again and to see that you are truly deserving of all life has to offer.

Similarly, research has shown that doing something kind for others, will improve YOUR health. Truly! Try it. Even offering something as simple as a smile to a stranger as you walk by. See how it makes YOU feel.

The spirit:

As a culture, we are very busy all of the time. Our technology makes being busy easy. Taking down time is essential so that we can calm our minds, so that we can listen to our bodies and messages from the universe.

So… that is a small bit about “what” holistic health is and some of the aspects of holistic health that we teach at Breathe & Be Wellness…

Now… why is holistic health important to you (for all of us)?

ANY health goal you want to achieve is much more likely to become permanent with a holistic and “realistic” approach. “Realistic” meaning taking small baby steps so that your goals are achievable…

You are much more likely to be successful in improving your physical health goal, if you first LOVE yourself and BELIEVE in yourself. So, if you have anything in your life that you would like to improve (weight loss, eating healthier, reduce stress, improve relationships, better job, etc etc etc…), holistic health skills through the Breathe & Be Wellness Healthy and Happy for Life! program is for you!

Here at Breathe & Be Wellness, we aim to empower YOU to become the healthiest YOU possible. To help you on your way to achieving your health goals, using our proven holistic health skills, we will post weekly FREE health tips here in this blog. “Like” us on Facebook so you can receive these tips automatically.

If you prefer to schedule personal “one-on-one” sessions or a group session, please email me here.

If you would like a copy of our Breathe & Be Wellness, “Happy and Healthy for Life” workbook, it is available at Amazon. Click here to purchase.

Here’s to living a life full of health, happiness, and love!
Simply Breathe & Be (healthy and happy)! Kristin

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“The goal at Breathe and Be Wellness is to empower you, using our holistic health program, to become the healthiest (and happiest) you possible!”

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