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Hi! My name is Kristin Mills and I am a health coach and founder of Breathe and Be Wellness and the Healthy and Happy for Life! healthy lifestyle program. I have spent my entire life helping others to become healthier! Health and wellness is truly my passion and bliss in life.

I am blessed to have learned from several of the leading health improvement educators and researchers at:

  • Stanford University Center for Research in Disease Prevention
    (where I was a fellow for the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute)
  • UC San Francisco Institute in Health and Aging
  • University of the Pacific Behavioral Medicine program

Educationally, my Ph.D. work was in Cardiovascular Epidemiology (study of heart disease prevention, exercise, and healthy aging) from Stanford University, where I worked in heart disease prevention through healthy lifestyles. I also have a M.S. degree in Behavioral Psychology from the University of the Pacific, where I worked in stress management, behavioral medicine, biofeedback, using reward systems to improve healthy behaviors, and in visualization to improve athletic performance. I also studied and worked at UC San Francisco in the Institute for Healthy Aging, working in healthy aging, quality-of-life, and goal setting. I have also worked as a personal health coach to help people to lose weight and to use breathing skills and visualization to reduce stress and improve success!

Basically, I have worn a lot of hats in health and wellness…!  I have worked with many individuals (and with communities) to make positive health changes so each person or community can live a healthier (and happier) life. Along the way, I noticed that programs that only focus on improving the health of the body (and ignoring the mind, emotions, and spirit) weren’t as successful.

The Healthy and Happy for Life! health program and workbook is science-based and includes my 25 (plus) years experience working in health and wellness. I developed this program and returned to health consulting because I wanted to help people and communities to live a healthy and happy life, holistically and permanently! Personally and professionally, I wanted to feel truly effective in my work in helping people and communities to live in permanent health. “Healthy and Happy for Life” was my answer!

lukeUnlike many health programs, the Healthy and Happy for Life! program is truly a holistic program that aims to empower people to help themselves in the health of their body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Like many people, I have also had my own personal triumphs and challenges in life. I have dealt with these challenges, including a few serious health challenges, through the use of the Healthy and Happy for Life! health program. In addition to being a health professional, I am foremost a mom of two beautiful children, who bring a whole new meaning to my life and work in holistic health consulting.


me2I know I’ve said this before, but I am truly passionate about helping people to improve their health and wellness. You included!
Feeling healthier will definitely lead to living happier!
At Breathe and Be Wellness, there are many affordable options to take part in the “Healthy and Happy for Life” health program, regardless of your situation.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile located on Maui, personal and group health consultant services can be held in person (on Maui) or via Skype (worldwide), for people who live in other locations.

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you with your health goals, so that you can be the healthiest (and happiest) you, possible!
Simply Breathe and Be! Kristin (holistic health consultant)




Are you ready to achieve health and vitality and to live a healthy life right now?
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NEW AND REVISED! The “Healthy and Happy for Life!” healthy lifestyle program is available as a workbook that is simple and easy to read. The skills learned in this book will help you to make permanent healthy changes in your life. This workbook uses known goal setting skills and behavior change skills to help you to improve your physical health. It also uses skills and exercises to help improve the health of your mind, emotions, and spirit. This holistic health and wellness workbook will help you to make permanent and healthy changes so that you can be healthy in your body, live more relaxed and stress-free, love yourself, and live in peace. Each of these helps you to live healthy and happy for life.

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