Exhale to lose weight

Why it’s important to exhale to lose weight

Why it's important to exhale to lose weight

Let’s continue the talk on ways to lose a few extra pounds. Of course eating healthy and getting enough physical activity is important for weight loss (and being healthy). We’ll talk about each of these later 🙂

It’s important to exhale to lose weight

Why is it important to exhale to lose weight? In addition to eating healthy foods and moving your body, it is also important to “exhale” to lose weight. We hold so much in us, literally and figuratively. Every day is filled with doing every thing we can, and sometimes more. We even hold onto other people’s stuff and stuff from a long time ago that we can definitely let go of.

We also hold in emotions we feel we don’t have time, or energy, to let out. Holding onto energy in your heart and mind can add weight onto your body.

All of this “stuff” weighs us down. By simply focusing on your exhalation, and consciously letting go of emotions and “stuff” that is no longer important to carry, you can lose weight!

Here is a simple exhalation exercise

  • Stand tall with one hand on your belly and one on your chest.
  • Inhale deep into your belly, and then into your mid-section, and then your chest.
  • Now, slowly exhale out your breath in reverse. First your chest, then your mid-section, and finally your belly.
  • Keep breathing like this, and now start to increase how long it takes you to exhale.
  • Now let your arms go to your side and add some movements to your breaths. On your inhales, raise up your arms to the ceiling and slightly arch back. On your exhales, bend completely forward at your hips and let your head hang down.
  • Let everything out. Your breath, your thoughts, your emotions. Let go completely…
  • Keep breathing like this… stand tall and raise your arms up on your inhales and bend deeply on your exhales. Breathe slowly.
  • If you like, try adding affirmations (positive thoughts) to your breath:
    On your inhalation say (or think): “I breathe in love”…
    On your exhale, bend forward and say (or think): “I exhale anything that I no longer need to carry”…

Try this exercise every day. See how it makes you feel.
Do you feel energetically lighter?
Mentally and emotionally lighter?
Physically lighter?

Have a beautiful week and remember to…

Breathe & Be (healthy, happy, and LIGHT)!  Kristin

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