Just say NO to diets

Just say NO to diets

Just say no to diets

Yup, that’s what I said…

Just say NO to diets. There are many diets out there to help you lose weight, and they will all work at some times for some people.
But… we are all different people with different bodies and different tastes, so what works for some people may not work for you, and vice versa. Diets also set in unnecessary rules and restrictions that actually set you up for failure. So, if a raw diet, vegen diet, or a meat diet speaks to you, that is great! Try it. But temporarily.
Because… diets are meant to be temporarily. Long-term healthy eating should include mostly healthy foods, but should also include foods that you LOVE, REGARDLESS OF BEING HEALTHY OR NOT. Yes! That is what I said. Eat foods you love even if they aren’t “healthy” foods. This is your life to live to it’s fullest, in addition to in a healthy way. So if you really love a specific food that aren’t necessarily healthy, include it in your life. Perhaps just in smaller portions and less often.

Here’s some tips on eating healthy for life!

  • Use My Plate guidelines: your plate (regardless of size), should include the following:
    – ½ fruits and veggies
    – ¼ grains (rice, pasta, bread)
    – ¼ protein (chicken, beef, tofu, cheese)
    – drink water!
    By following the simple MyPlate guidelines, you will be feeding your body in a healthy way.
  • Limit salt and saturated fats
  • Limit sugar, processed, and fast food (which is filled with sugar and will make you feel more hungry)!


Create one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner that meets the MyPlate guidelines and is tasty to you.
Add these recipes into a recipe book that you can make regularly.

Our goal at Breathe and Be Wellness is to empower you, using our skills in holistic health, to become the healthiest (and happiest) you possible!

Have a beautiful week and remember to Breathe & Be (Healthy and happy)!

Breathe & Be (healthy, happy, and LIGHT)!  Kristin

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“The goal at Breathe and Be Wellness is to empower you, using our holistic health program, to become the healthiest (and happiest) you possible!”


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