Use MAPPS to achieve your goals

Use MAPPS to achieve your goals

use MAPPS to achieve your goals

Now that you have set your goal for improved health, this blog will show you how to use MAPPS to achieve your goals, no matter what your specific goal is.

The MAPPS approach stands for:

Media      Access      Price      Prompts      Social support

Media: You can use various types of media to help motivate you toward your goals. Types of media can include social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), web articles, and even positive post-it notes and images related to your goals.

Access: It is easier to do behaviors that lead to your goal if you have easy access to healthy behaviors (and make access to unhealthy behaviors difficult). For example, you can stock your fridge with healthy snack and meal options, you can leave your walking shoes and work-out clothes in your car, and you can get rid of unhealthy foods, sugar drinks, cigarettes, etc…

Price: It seems that price is important to most people these days. I have heard from many people that they “can’t afford” to eat healthy or to be active. This simply isn’t true. If you look around you, there are always free and affordable options. So, perhaps for one of your baby steps leading toward your goal, you can list some affordable and free options that help to lead to your goal. For example, walking for exercise is always free. Here in Hawaii, our pools are also free. Many towns have farmer’s markets for buying fresh produce affordably. And… if you are a SNAP member in Hawaii, many of the farmer’s markets accept SNAP as a form of payment.

Prompts: Prompts are very useful in helping you to reach your goals. What you see on a daily basis, helps lead your thoughts, which then help to lead your behaviors. So, try keeping fresh fruit on your table for easy snacks. You can leave notes by your desk to take a walking break at work. And you can keep shoes by your front door to remind yourself to take a walking break at home.

Social support: Including friends and family members in your new health goals can make being healthy more fun! Try recruiting your husband or wife and kids in your healthy meal planning and preparations as well as your physical activities. This can also be a fun family activity. If you are single, try joining an exercise group, or create your own group of friends to join you!

Now… Go through each of these MAPPS strategies and make a list of one to two things you can do within each of the MAPPS areas.

Here’s toward reaching your health and wellness goals one baby step at a time!

And remember to Breathe & Be… (healthy and happy)! Kristin

Breathe and Be Healthy (and use MAPPS), Kristin

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